Reproductive and fertility well-being

Nicole commonly supports couples to successfully conceive their child/children and then is fortunate to be able to support women throughout their pregnancy, into labour and then the health of the little one when it arrives. Her care is holistic, comprehensive and realistic by nature and she feels very humbled to be able to share life’s journey with her patients and their families.

Nicole also holds a certificate in Natural Fertility Education. She has a keen interest in menstrual disorders, infertility, preconception care, pregnancy, birth preparation and the early post-natal phase for new mothers, babies and children – the whole family really.  She also particularly enjoys assisting couples who are having difficulty falling pregnant or who are undergoing assisted reproductive technology or IVF.

Fertility support

Healthy people make healthy babies and by preparing for conception you can identify any health concerns that may be preventing you from being the healthiest you can be.

Recent evidence is suggesting that the health of both the mother and the father at conception and during the pregnancy is a strong determinant of the babies health not only when they are young but also as they grow into adults.  This is especially true in relation to their susceptibility to adult-onset diabetes, obesity, risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and mental health.  Its not only diet that has a huge impact on your child’s future health and wellbeing it is also environmental and lifestyle factors that can also effect yours and your childs health.

Ideally preconception preparation takes around 100 days (around 3 months); this is because both the sperm and the egg take this long to develop and mature.  If you are undergoing ART/IVF I am able to work with you to tailor a plan that suits you no matter where you are in your journey.

Preconception care also involves learning about a healthy lifestyle in a way that is practical and easy to apply.

Individual care

Preconception care is individually tailored to meet each couple’s/individual’s needs and may involve:

  • Diet / nutritional advice
  • Detoxification
  • Natural medicine for fertility problems and miscarriage prevention
  • Hair mineral and heavy metal analysis
  • Environmental / lifestyle changes
  • Exercise
  • Stress management
  • Treatment of other health concerns
  • Practical advice and education
  • A thorough health screen with your doctor including nutritional deficiencies, hormonal health, genito-urinary and other infections.

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