Reproductive and fertility well-being

Hormone balance

When it comes to health, hormone balance can have a much bigger effect than people realise.  Hormones have an effect on everything.  From fertility, painful periods, mood changes, weight gain, sleep disturbances, gut health to name just a few.

Emotional and mental health and well-being

Emotional & mental health

One of Nicole’s particular interests is with stress, anxiety and depression and mental health. Stress and anxiety can have a major impact on our lives, our relationships, jobs, families and general enjoyment of life.

Gut Health

Gut Health

Your gut fuels your body, providing nutrients your body needs for cell renewal, digestion, detoxification, building neurotransmitters, hormones and your immune system, to name but a few. This all has an effect on the way we feel, think, look and function.


Nikki's loving, caring nature helped me through some very difficult times. I'm so appreciative for Nikki's knowledge and support and would recommend her highly to anyone with fertility issues.

- Anonymous


Having struggled with digestive symptoms for years, I finally found Nikki and had myself tested for food intolerances. Now I know what I need to avoid, I'm free of pain and am able to enjoy my life to the fullest!

- Anonymous

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A little about me...

My passion is your health. I work with you to get to the source of your health issues. With my guidance, ultimately you will learn how to heal yourself and achieve your health goals.

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