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Your consultation

Consultations begin with a detailed case history; looking at current concerns, past history, family history, and a systemic review of the body. Nicole will also review any medication, supplements and recent pathology tests that you may have had done.  These appointments can be done via phone, zoom or in person.

These puzzle pieces are then put together to form the basis of an individual therapeutic plan, which includes dietary and lifestyle advice. Herbal tinctures, supplements and flower essences may be prescribed, taking into consideration the client’s intention and budget.

Initial appointment

The initial appointment is structured to understand your health complaints in as much detail as possible. Together you will discuss your health history, and Nicole will conduct a physical assessment as indicated. Where necessary she may refer patients for additional assessments to be conducted between the first and second appointments. Initial treatment recommendations are discussed and the development of your treatment plan and program is organised in this session.

This appointment lasts one hour for individuals and 1.5 hours for couples.

Follow up appointments

At the second and subsequent appointments we will review any assessments organised in more detail and fine tune your treatment plan. These sessions are generally where treatment truly starts and you will begin to take your first few steps towards a greater level of health and wellbeing.

This appointment lasts half hour for individuals and 1 hour for couples.

How long will it take?

Treatment results vary depending on the individual and their presenting complaint. Some individuals obtain quick results whilst others take several months or longer. As a general rule, the longer you have been experiencing your complaint for, the longer you will require treatment. It is important to remember that the healing process takes time.

Nicole is not trying to simply alleviate your symptoms; her aim is to find and treat the cause and then bring you to a greater level of health.


On occasion it is necessary to investigate your health more thoroughly through an external organisation. Nicole uses highly respected, evidenced based laboratories both in Australia and overseas.

Some of her investigation referrals include:

  • Functional Assessments:
    • Bio-compatibility Hair Analysis
    • Healthscope Pathology (Formerly ARL – Analytical Reference Laboratory)
    • Interclinical Laboratories
    • Nutripath

Treatment plans and support

A specific treatment plan will be made to suit the individual and to target your health goals.  Throughout your treatment you may be recommended various supplements, herbal medicines or other medicines. Liquid herbal medicines are formulated and contain a unique formulation. These medications are specific for your presentation and have been carefully selected for your individual requirements.

Please be careful to not share your prescriptions with others.

Herbal medicines

Herbal medicine uses the plants seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers for medicinal purposes. It is the oldest and most widely used system of medicine in the world today. It is used in all societies and is common to all cultures.

How are herbal medicines used?

We all consume herbal medicines regular in dietary forms. The sprinkling of cinnamon on porridge, a cup of peppermint tea, or fresh parley chopped into a salad. All of these applications are considered dietary prescriptions. They provide gentle therapeutic and gastronomic benefits, but their medicinal benefit is limited. It is by the considered prescription of medicinal strength herbal medicines that real therapeutic benefits can be attained.

Herbal Medicines come in a number of preparations including liquid (alcohol and glycerine extracted), powder, tablet, capsule and tea forms. They are best taken under the guidance of a qualified and highly trained practitioner that has taken a full history and has considered your individual health status and current medications. When professionally prescribed, they are safe, effective and supportive to your health care needs.


If you’d like to book a consultation with Nicole, please contact her via the link below.  Nicole will then make contact with you to make a time and to discuss whether we meet via phone, Zoom or in person.

Consultation type Individual Couples
Initial consultation $140 (1 hour) $220 (1.5 hours)
Return consultation $95 (1/2 hour) $140 (1 hour)

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