How Nicole Haak can help you

By working with you on your health concerns Nicole can guide you on your way to your life goals of health and wellness. You will learn that with the help from nature you have the power to heal yourself and lead the life you want to lead. Nicole uses nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, food as medicine, lifestyle advice and flower essences.

Bringing you back into balance

Your body has an incredible ability to heal itself with the correct supports. By using gentle and natural approaches, your body can rebuild the strength to heal and thrive.

By identifying the cause of your ill health Nicole will work on strategies to heal you from the inside out. It is not just physical healing that may need to occur. Emotional trauma or imbalances in hormones or the microbiome can cause unseen issues that may, in the future, manifest in a physical form. By bringing your body back into balance before this occurs, the road to wellness is shorter and clearer.

Holistic approach

Holistic healing looks at all aspects of your health, not just your physical symptoms. Just as when you’re nervous you feel physical symptoms of a racing heart, sweating or tension, every day stressors and emotions can cause physical ailments. By taking a holistic approach and looking at you and your individual health in the ‘bigger picture’, Nicole can get a clearer picture and treat more specifically.

Don’t be surprised if small lifestyle changes form part of your prescription from Nicole. But Nicole works with you and make realistic recommendations for you to move in a positive direction.

Prevention is better than cure

As the old saying goes: ‘An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure’. Maintaining health is just as important, if not more important, than healing itself. When you are functioning at your best and your immunity is strong, there is little that can throw you off your game. Nicole will work with you to find that optimum equilibrium so you can enjoy your life and reach your goals.

Areas that Nicole specialises in

  • Reproductive health and fertility. Nicole assists in preparing you and your partner for conception and working with any fertility challenges, including IVF, you may be facing.
  • Hormone balance. With the use of herbs, nutrition and lifestyle advice Nicole can help you to balance your hormones and feel more invigorated.
  • Stress, anxiety and depression. If you often feel stressed, anxious or low, Nicole can guide and help you to come back into balance holistically.
  • Healing the gut. Supporting digestion and rebalancing the gut flora through nutritionals, food as medicine, and lifestyle advice. Looking at food triggers, emotional triggers, parasites, hormonal imbalance, sleep concerns, immune imbalance to get your gut back to working like a dream.
  • Thyroid imbalance.  Do you lack energy, are you experiencing unexplained weight gain, are you cold all the time, do you have constipation and dry skin?  You could have low thyroid function.  Working with you on all the causes of thyroid dysfunction Nicole can get you back to feeling your most energised.

Ready to get started?

Contact me to find out how Nicole can help you, specifically, reach your health and wellness goals.  Nicole offers free 10 minute discovery calls for you to see if she is the right practitioner for your health journey.  Call to make a free 10 minute appointment.