The human body is indeed very complex. Pain or discomfort felt in one area can originate from another area. This is why it is so important when assessing health issues that we look at all the various parts of the body that work together. Each issue/discomfort has to start somewhere. Every part of the body consists of cells. Each cell has specific functions. Good Cellular Function is extremely important for cells to assist in the repair processes in the body.

Did you know that foods and household products could affect cellular function?

There is an old saying, “Food is your best medicine”. Compatibility is about testing over 580 foods and household products to determine if they are compatible with YOUR body’s needs to help improve cellular function, thus helping your body’s NATURAL repair processes.

A simple Compatibility hair analysis test can reveal which foods and household products are compatible or incompatible with your body. Any test only gives us information. We use that information to start correcting cellular function and commence the natural repair processes.

This test and program is NOT based on what some people think is either good or bad for you.
It does NOT compare with allergy or other similar tests. It is a personalised/individual 6-month program to help restore health and wellbeing as much as is possible. Other therapies may be required for specific issues but in all situations, starting with the Compatibility Program gives you a good solid starting point to commence your wellness journey.

It integrates easily with any other therapy or medication. To get the best results out of the test you need to follow the instructions very closely. All we need is a small sample of your hair (coloured hair is ok to use and if you don’t have hair a sample of saliva). It is a non-intrusive test and as a result it is great for babies and children.

So who should use this test?

Anyone really but especially people with skin problems, eczema, rashes, psoriasis, acne, digestive issues such as bloating, indigestion, irritable bowel, constipation; arthritis; children with behavioural issues and any other health issue.

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